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Alexa will now speak Spanish in the US: Reports

A recent report has confirmed that Alexa users in the US can now speak in Spanish in order to give commands to the smart assistant. The best part is that the users can even switch between English and Spanish languages to make the smart speaker do what they say through commands. In order to switch between the two languages, users won’t have to go to settings menu and change the language.

There are reports that the feature was scheduled to be release from a while and it has been available in Mexico and Spain but the US users cannot use it until now. The US has more Spanish speakers than anywhere else in the world except Mexico, according to some estimates.

Multi-lingual mode is also available with Spanish support. When enabled, you can speak either English or Spanish to Alexa without having to switch the language manually at any time. The app will also allow you to toggle between Indian English and Hindi in India, and in Canada users can switch between Canadian English and French.

One of our news sources interacted with an Alexa when and here is what he said:

“I can see this being particularly useful in first-generation immigrant families, where parents may be more comfortable speaking in Spanish, while kids would be fine speaking English. Or bilingual folks can just have fun switching between languages”.

Our news sources have reported that the new feature following which the US Alexa users will be able to communicate with the smart assistant in Spanish will arrive in the country today.

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